What is an "Escape Room"?


A live-action, interactive game wherein a group has 60 minutes to use their collective wits and teamwork skills to find clues, solve puzzles and determine the method needed to exit a themed, locked room.

Being "locked in a room" makes me nervous - will I freak out?

Most likely no. Though individual experiences vary. The smallest room is 360 sq ft, which is probably bigger than your bedroom. And there is an emergency key inside with you, right next to the door. As well, we monitor each room for emergencies.

Some of the descriptions sound a little scary - are you sure I won't freak out?


We want you to have a good time and come back so we aren't going to try to make you uncomfortable. And nothing jumps out to scare you, so don't worry about that.

How do I get out?  What if there is an emergency?


Each room has a story which unfolds via clues and puzzles. Eventually - if you are successful - you will find the code to unlock the door and stop the timer. If time runs out, we show you how close you were to solving the whole thing.

We provide an emergency-only code before we lock the door. You can use it at any time to leave, but you cannot then re-enter. We also monitor all rooms via camera and audio to make sure everyone is ok in there.

How long does the overall experience last?


The game is up to 60 minutes. The rules and introduction take about 15 before we start. The memories last a lifetime...

How many can be in a room? What happens if I don't have enough people?


We have posted recommended and maximum participant numbers on the rooms and booking pages. If your group doesn't fill the room, that's ok. Due to COVID-19 precautions, we have made all rooms private experiences so you will never be in close quarters with strangers.

How much does it cost?


$29 per person. Sign up for our mailing list to receive specials.

Who can play the game? Is there an age restriction?


Everyone is welcome; the only real requirement is the ability to read english. The Hermit room is not wheelchair-accessible, but the others are (and the building has an elevator). The hearing-impaired should encounter no issue, but those visually-impaired would need assistance due to our lack of braille. Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding specific accommodation needs.


As for ages, we do think the rooms are best suited for ages 10 and up (but you can be your own judge of your child's maturity level and cognitive ability). Any participant under 14 needs to be accompanied by an adult when in the room, please. And all participants must sign a waiver (those under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them).

Why must I sign a waiver? Am I gonna get hurt?


No room is intentionally dangerous. But if you trip or do something you shouldn't and get hurt, we'd like to stay in business.


Parents can print an advance copy of the waiver here so that their kids can arrive ready to escape!

What do I need to bring?


Nothing. Everything needed to escape the room is contained within the room. Critical thinking and teamwork skills are quite helpful, however. And an excited, optimistic attitude - bring that.

What should I not bring?


Food / beverages / drugs / pets / weapons. None of those are allowed in the room. And no photos while you are inside - that ruins the surprise for others, and escape selfies really only slow you down.

Also, open-toed or high-heeled shoes are discouraged.

What are the rules once I am inside?


We'll explain all of that right before the game starts, so that it stays fresh in your mind.

You are downtown. Downtown has lots of bars. Can I still play if I am a little buzzed?


No. We have a zero tolerance policy for intoxicated participants - for your safety and ours. Anyone who appears to be visibly inebriated (due to brewskis, bud or barbiturates) will not be permitted entry and will not receive a refund.

Do you offer special event planning?


Why yes we do, thanks for asking! We would love to accommodate your larger groups with creative schedules and price structures. We have the ability to host your parties and team-building sessions with our private meeting room. Please email us to get the discussion started. 

Can I give you a great idea for a room?


Of course! We have plenty, but welcome your thoughts. We'd even entertain the idea of building a new room together...

Hey, I heard about some kinda wreck room down there. What's up with that?

Ya, those dudes are cool. Check it out.