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Thrilling adventures for...

Family escaping from room

Escape with Family

Exitus Rooms are especially fun with your family as you strategize, figure out clues, and make lifelong memories. Choose your room and start your escape! 
High five team mate

Escape with Friends

When you bring your friends to Exitus, bonding is sure to happen! 
Our rooms are a great opportunity for your crew to collaborate and use their problem solving skills.
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Escape with Coworkers

Looking for ways to help with staff connections and growing in team loyalty? Exitus rooms are great for small groups or even large groups, you can buy rooms up to 8 players and try to solve it together. If you are a escape room lover or never tried one, be sure to try this out with your collogues!
  • Improve teamworking
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Increase productivity
  • Develop strengths
  • Better collaboration
  • Increase communication
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What to expect

asked questions

Poe's Legacy - Exitus Escape room
Hey, I heard about some kind of wreck room down in the basement too. What's up with that?
Ya, those dudes are cool. Check out our sister company, Wreckingballers!
Do you offer refunds for missed or cancelled bookings?
Due to the nature of our experiences, we do not offer refunds for missed or cancelled bookings. Please call or email us and we'd be more than willing to work with you and your group to reschedule for a later date and time.
We're downtown and downtown has lots of bars. Can I still play if I am a little buzzed?
No. We have a zero tolerance policy for intoxicated participants - for your safety and ours. Anyone who appears to be visibly inebriated (due to brewskis, bud, or barbiturates) will not be permitted entry and will not receive a refund.
What do I need to bring?
Nothing. Everything needed to escape the room is continued within the room. Critical thinking and teamwork skills are quite helpful, however. And an excited, optimistic attitude - bring that too!
How much does it cost?
$30 per person with no room capacity minimum. Follow us on social media to find any specials or discounts!
How many can be in a room? What happens if I don't have enough people?
We have posted recommended and maximum participant numbers on the rooms and booking pages. If your group doesn't fill the room, that's ok. Due to COVID-19 precautions, we have made all rooms private experiences so you will never be in close quarters with strangers.
How long does the overall experience last?
The game is up to 60 minutes. The rules and introduction take about 15 before we start. The memories last a lifetime...
How do I get out? What if there is an emergency?
Each room has a story that unfolds via clues and puzzles. Eventually - if you are successful - you will find the code to unlock the door and stop the timer. If time runs out, we show you how close you were to solving the whole thing. We provide an emergency-only code before we lock the door. You can use it at any time to leave, but you cannot then re-enter. We also monitor all rooms via camera and audio to make sure everyone is ok in there.
What are your terms and conditions when booking?
PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY, as we cannot delay the start time for late arrivals. WE ARE UNABLE TO OFFER REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON - but we can reschedule your experience with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Email exitussalem@gmail.com to discuss. All participants are required to sign a liability waiver and release before the game can begin. ***A parent/guardian must sign for those under 18.*** And we know many folks partake of a little liquid courage (or green medicine) in the same evenings that they may choose to try one of our rooms. However, we will not allow any visably inebriated person to participate - for your safety and ours. And remember, no refunds - so please don't show up drunk, tipsy, buzzed or high.
Being "locked in a room" makes me nervous - will I freak out?
Most likely no. Though individual experiences vary. The smallest room is 360 sq ft, which is probably bigger than your bedroom. And there is an emergency unlock button inside with you, right next to the door. As well, we monitor each room for emergencies.
What is an "Escape Room"?
A live-action, interactive game wherein a group has 60 minutes to use their collective wits and teamwork skills to find clues, solve puzzles and determine the method needed to exit a themed, locked room.

What our escapees say

"First time going to an escape room. Our group of 10 did Poe’s Legacy. We didn’t make it out but we were 1-2 clues away from making it. Everyone had a great time! The staff was pleasant and very helpful. I can’t wait to try one of the other rooms!"

Pualilia Robertson

"This is not just for the young, but the old, too! We had a great time, loved it! Will definitely be back to try the other rooms. Well done Exitus!"

Brenna Plummer

"Looking for something fun and unusual? This is it!! Our group of 4 "wise" adults got so close but there are more rooms to solve so we'll be back!"

Kristyn N

"You want to talk about quality, well-designed, and great storylines, Exitus has it in spades! The puzzles were challenging but definitely doable even without previous experience. Thank you so much for the challenge, I can't wait to tackle the next room!"

Blaise Reavey

"Our group of 5 ran the Poe's Legacy escape room about a month ago and had an absolute blast solving the room with a few minutes left. Great atmosphere, design, and mood in this room and it was a very immersive experience. We will be back."

Scott French

"We did Poe’s legacy with 4 people! It was by far my favorite one yet! We escaped with 15 minutes to spare. Such a great team-building experience! I’d recommend it!"

Anna Cox
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