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Poe's Legacy - Exitus Escape room

Extremely realistic escape rooms!

Just $30 per player, no minimum


A priceless Chinese artifact is believed to have been stolen by the Black Dragons Crime Syndicate. Your elite task force has traced the Syndicate to a local restaurant. But this operation needs to be kept in the shadows and off the books - with many officials in their pocket, even a search warrant request could tip them off.

2-8 Players
Success Rate:


Details are sparse when it comes to the work performed by the team of scientists at C.A.L.D. (Center for Arctic Life Discovery). On the fringe of accepted science, this clandestine organization is typically tight-lipped. But their last transmission was an unusual change of pace...

2-8 Players
Success Rate:


Literary legend Maximillian Abre, known by his friends as “Mac” – that is, if someone with such well-known outbursts of maniacal ravings had any friends left – has mysteriously resurfaced. After years of churning out blood-curdling bestsellers...

2-8 Players
Success Rate:

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